Life is sweeter with yoga buddies

Private classes

People come to yoga for all sorts of reasons and whilst a public studio class can give you a good grounding, working 1-2-1 with a professional yoga teacher will help you to steer your own path and can be extremely rewarding. We will move at a pace that is right for you at any given time and I will support you as you try something new. I will pay attention to your energy levels and any particular needs and priorities you may have, including injuries or physical conditions that you are working with. My bespoke classes will enable you to develop at your own pace and at a time that suits you best.   

Private yoga classes for beginners

Individual yoga lessons at home are a great, safe way for beginners to test the waters before going to a public class. If you have never done yoga before and want to gain an understanding of the basics, my private classes are perfect for you. I will explain some of the different poses and postures, allowing plenty of time for adjustments and questions. You don’t need lots of space or fancy equipment and why not team up with one or two friends, so you can continue to support each other? Life is sweeter with yoga buddies and they will keep you on track, as well as making the sessions even more affordable.

Contact me to get started - I will set up an initial chat so that I am able to find out more about what you would like to achieve, I can then develop a personalised programme, just for you.  

Private yoga classes for experienced practitioners

You might feel that your yoga has plateaued, stalled, or that your busy life means you end up missing all your favourite scheduled classes. My private yoga sessions will complement your drop-in classes and personal routines by allowing you to focus on specific aspects of your existing yoga practice. Together we will develop a bespoke practice tailor-made for you.

Contact me to get started - I will set up an initial chat so that I am able to find out more about your yoga experience and how you would like to progress. I can then develop a personalised programme just for you.  

I love my uplifting and restorative classes with Rakhee. They are planned with thought and creativity, and they always leave me feeling wonderful.
— Lisa Harris - Employment Lawyer