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I have a number of workshops that I am currently developing. I like to use yoga as a starting point to explore other topics and I often work in partnership with other teachers and with experts in the field. I find workshops offer a great way to learn, both for my students and for myself and I offer practical ways in which students can apply what they learn to enrich their lives. If you would like to collaborate, or be part of a future workshop please contact me

Creativity and well-being - in partnership with Melissa Campbell

Many people think that creativity is something that you either have or you don’t, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. We are all creative and this is a skill that we can nurture and develop. Furthermore, it is a crucial skill for our well-being and our happiness. In this workshop, participants explore everyday creativity and work through a number of activities to tap into, sustain and develop their creative self. We explore the role of food and nutrition and ways in which we can nurture and nourish ourselves through words, movement and stillness. Participants experience how tuning in to the body helps us tune in to the creative self and will leave with a deeper understanding of how yoga supports innate creativity and sustains it beyond the workshop.

To find out more, or to be part of this workshop, please contact me

Movement and the body - in partnership with vanio papadelli

There has been an alarming upsurge in the number of young women reporting self-harm and negative body image. This intergenerational workshop invites women to accept and celebrate their bodies through yoga, qigong, free movement, dance, writing and meditation. In this workshop, women create the stories of their bodies, using body-mapping and journaling as a bridge between the internal and external and will develop the courage to share their stories through movement and words. This workshop helps women to develop a positive image of themselves and promotes a healthy relationship with their bodies.  

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Transition and transformation for young people

Transition and change can be a challenge whatever our age and whatever our circumstances, but it can seem so much more of an upheaval for young people moving from primary school to secondary school, from GCSEs to Sixth Form or from school into adult life!  Yoga is a perfect tool to help navigate these changes. For a philosophy that is thousands of years old, yoga can offer surprisingly contemporary solutions to how we connect, collaborate and relate to others. This workshop charts and evaluates how yoga supports young people and helps them to become resilient and compassionate adults.

See my blog post Five reasons every teen should take up yoga and to find out more, or to be part of this workshop, please contact me