Yoga and Accountability

Do you sometimes need more motivation to get on the mat?

yoga and accountability

Do you sometimes need more motivation to get on the mat? How do you overcome a tendency to prioritise other things? How do you keep your yoga feeling fresh and relevant? I wrote a blog for Movement for Modern Life on Yoga and Accountability in which I share my top five tips for staying motivated in my yoga practice.

In my blog, I write about why I think that accountability, motivation and nourishment are the keys to a steady and sustainable yoga practice. How, even when I am feeling at my most lacklustre, the very act of engaging with my body and my breath will magically help me to tap into inner resources.

Accountability is one of the keys to getting ourselves to the mat, but when we are there, it is important to be playful. Discipline might get us there, but we should question how seriously we are taking things. Having fun, feeling inspired, being playful can all help us to boost our motivation. After all, yoga helps us to live better lives with greater awareness.

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